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Title Year
MENA_Report_Separated Families: Who Stays, Who goes and why_April 2017 April, 2017
MENA_Presentation_Separated Families Key Messages_March 2017 March, 2017
JOR_Report_Working Women: Jordan and Syrian Refugee Women's Labour Force Participation and Attitude Towards Work_August 2016 October, 2016
NER_Report_Evaluation Rapide sur les Comités de Protection à Diffa_December 2016 January, 2017
EU_Briefing Paper_Women and girls on the move: a gender analysis of mixed migration to Europe_Dec 2016 December, 2016
HTI_Urban Assessment_Tool_KeyInformants November, 2016
HTI_IMPACT_Urban Assessment_Tool_FGDsandPM November, 2016
COD_Presentation_ScoreCard AME_November 2016 November, 2016
UKR_Presentation_Weighting_Scheme_Nov2016 November, 2016
JOR_Situation Overview_Women and Employment in Jordan - An Overview_October 2016 October, 2016
UKR_Report_Interagency Vulnerability Assessment_November 2016 November, 2016
UKR_Dataset_GCAHostPopulationSampling_09 2016 November, 2016
UKR_Dataset_IDPSample_11 2016 November, 2016
UKR_Dataset_IDPSamplingFrame_11 2016 November, 2016
UKR_Dataset_NonDisplacedSamplingFrame_11 2016 November, 2016
JOR_Presentation_WomensAccessToBasicServices_July2016 September, 2016
JOR_Presentation_ZaatariCamp_WinterizationAssessment_Aug2016 August, 2016
JOR_Presentation_WomensLabourForceParticipationPerceptionsOnEmployment_June2016 June, 2016
SYR_Situation Overview_Eastern Aleppo City_6 September 2016 September, 2016
IRQ_Report_CCCM Informal Site Assessment_June 2016 June, 2016
TCD_Factsheet_Comparative Dashboard, Bagassola, Lake Region_June 2016 July, 2016
TCD_Factsheet_Comparative Dashboard, Lake Region_June 2016 July, 2016
UKR_Terms of Reference_Inter-agency Assessment of Conflict-Affected Communities in Government Controlled areas of Ukraine_June 2016 June, 2016
SRB_Situation Overview_Rapid assessment of the situation of migrants in Belgrade, Kelebija & Horgos_27 May 2016 May, 2016
TCD_Terms of Reference_Community Profiling of Host and Displaced Population in the Lake Chad Region, May 2016 May, 2016
SRB_Situation Overview_Rapid Assessment: Belgrade and North Serbia_2 May 2016 May, 2016
NPL_Terms of Reference_Shelter Cluster Monitoring Assessment_November 2015 November, 2015
MKD_Situation Overview_Intentions of Stranded Migrants in Tabanovtse, FYROM_26 April 2016 April, 2016
REACH_SYR_Rapid of displacement in Northern Aleppo Governorate towards A'zaz_21 April 2016 April, 2016
SRB_Rapid_Assessment_European_Migration_Horgos and Kelebija 18 April 2016 April, 2016


REACH is a joint initiative of two international non-governmental organisations, ACTED and IMPACT Initiatives,  and  the  United  Nations Operational  Satellite Applications  Programme (UNOSAT). REACH was created in 2010 to facilitate the development of information  tools and  products that  enhance the  capacity  of aid actors  to make  evidence-based decisions in emergency, recovery and development contexts.

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