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Title Year
Número de estruturas Inundadas por Bairro - No dia 19 de Março de 2019 March, 2019
REACH MOZ Beira inundated structures 19Mar2019 March, 2019
CMR_Report_Shelter Cluster_Shelter and NFI Needs Assessment_December 2018 January, 2019
SSD_Situation Overview_Upper Nile_October-December 2018 March, 2019
vut_tor_cyclonepam_baseline assessment_may2015 May, 2015
reach_vut_database_cyclonepam_baseline assessment_may2015 May, 2015
reach_vut_report_cyclonepam_shelter and settlement assessment after cyclone pam_may2015 May, 2015
reach_vut_report_cyclonepam_shelter response monitoring_september2015 September, 2015
reach_vut_map_povertytrace_26mar2015 March, 2015
reach_vut_map_populationtrace_26mar2015 March, 2019
reach_vut_map_cyclonepam_shelterassessment_overview_20151705 May, 2015
reach_vut_map_cyclonepam_shelterassessment_damage_20151705 May, 2015
reach_vut_map_cyclonepam_shelterassessment_assistance_20151705 May, 2015
REACH_SSD_Factsheet_Assessment of Hard-to-Reach Areas Shelter_February 2018 February, 2019
CAR_Factsheet_RRM_Globalversion_February 2019_EN March, 2019
CAR_Factsheet_RRM_Globalversion_February 2019_FR February, 2019
CAR_Factsheet_RRM_Globalversion_January 2019_EN February, 2019
CAR_Factsheet_RRM_Globalversion_January 2019_FR March, 2019
REACH_SYR_Map_HSOS_PriorityNeedsbySector_NorthSyria_January2019_A4 March, 2019
CAR_Factsheet_RRM_Bilan2018_FR February, 2019
CAR_Factsheet_RRM_Bilan2018_EN February, 2019
SYR_Map_AlHol_ShelterAnalysis_08March2019_A0 March, 2019
SYR_Report_Shelter and NFI Assessment_September 2018 September, 2018
REACH_SYR_Annexes_Shelter and NFI Assessment_September 2018 September, 2018
REACH_SSD_Factsheet_Assessment of Hard-to-Reach Areas Shelter_January 2019 January, 2019
REACH_DRC_Report_Wash_Shelter_Joint assessment February, 2019
YEM_Factsheet_CCCM IDP Hosting site profiles_All 20 governorates_2017-2018 July, 2018
SYR_Map_MenbijDamageDensity_Feb2019 February, 2019
SYR_Map_AlThawrahDamageDensity_Feb2019 February, 2019
NGCA to GCA Cross-Contact Line Movement among NGCA Residents, October-Novemeber 2018 November, 2018


REACH is a joint initiative of two international non-governmental organisations, ACTED and IMPACT Initiatives,  and  the  United  Nations Operational  Satellite Applications  Programme (UNOSAT). REACH was created in 2010 to facilitate the development of information  tools and  products that  enhance the  capacity  of aid actors  to make  evidence-based decisions in emergency, recovery and development contexts.

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