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Title Year
BGD_Map_Ukhia_EMPRTF_StorageStockpiles_4JULY2018_A1 July, 2018
BGD_Map_Teknaf_EMPRTF_StorageStockpiles_4JULY2018_A1 July, 2018
REACH_BGD_Distribution Storage Stockpiles South_May2018_A1 May, 2018
REACH_BGD_Distribution Storage Stockpiles North_May2018_A1 May, 2018
SYR_Map_Ar-Raqqa_City_Structure_Damage_Atlas_February2018 February, 2018
SSD_Situation Overview_Upper Nile_September 2017 October, 2017
UKR_Map_East Ukraine_Reference Map_Luhanska_20NOV2017_A0 December, 2017
UKR_Map_East Ukraine_Reference Map_Donetska_20NOV2017_A0 December, 2017
UKR_Map_East Ukraine_ReferenceMap_Donbas_20NOV2017_A0 December, 2017
REACH Activity Report 2016 December, 2016
IRQ_Factsheet_JPMI_April 2017 April, 2017
YEM_Situation Overview_Survey on Humanitarian Assessments_April 2017 May, 2017
HTI_Map_Sud_Accessibility_Rainfall_April2017 April, 2017
ner_diffa_ref_17juin2016_a0_v1 June, 2016
SRB_SituationOverview, Horgos, Serbia_18 September 2015 September, 2015
SSD_Map_Maban_STM_Villages_21AUG2015_A3 August, 2015
NPL_Situation Overview_Langtang Mountain Valley Assessment_May 2015 May, 2015
NPL_Map_Langtang Valley Access Constraints_May 2015 May, 2015
CAF_Map_Bambari REF_April 2014_A0 April, 2014
CAR_Map_Bossangoa REF_April 2014_A0 April, 2014
CAF_NDele_REF_29avril2014_A0 April, 2014
CAF_Bouar_REF_29avril2014_A0 April, 2014
SYR_Situation Overview_Storm Huda Rapid Needs Assessment_January 2015 January, 2015
SOM_factsheet_Tri Cluster Assessment Galkayo North_23 June 2014 June, 2014
NER_Diffa_ActeursHumanitaires_SecteurLogistique_11juin2014_A3_fr June, 2014


REACH is a joint initiative of two international non-governmental organisations, ACTED and IMPACT Initiatives,  and  the  United  Nations Operational  Satellite Applications  Programme (UNOSAT). REACH was created in 2010 to facilitate the development of information  tools and  products that  enhance the  capacity  of aid actors  to make  evidence-based decisions in emergency, recovery and development contexts.

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