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Title Year
LBY_Factsheet_ProtectionMonitoring_Benghazi_MayJuly2018 August, 2018
REACH_RDC_Termes de Référence_Evaluation Sud Kivu_Maniema_June2018 August, 2018
IRQ_Situation Overview_ROAR Qaim and Surrounding Areas_July 2018 August, 2018
IRQ_Situation Overview_ROAR Ana and Surrounding Areas_June 2018 July, 2018
SSD_Situation Overview_Western Bahr el Ghazal_January-March 2018 July, 2018
AFG_Factsheet_WASH_ Dry Spell Assessment Booklet_June 2018 July, 2018
CAR_map_Bakala_Est_infra_15jun2018 June, 2018
CAR_map_Mourouba_infra_13jun2018 June, 2018
CAR_map_Bakala_Ouest_infra_15jun18 June, 2018
Iraq Updated Methodology Note Camp Profiling Round X July 2018 July, 2018
REACH_SYR_Health Sector Map_Deir-ez-Zor_June2018 June, 2018
SSD_Situation Overview_Western Bahr el Ghazal_April-June 2017 June, 2017
REACH_SYR_Map_HSOS_PriorityNeedsbySector_WoS_April2018 April, 2018
IRQ_Rapid Overview of Areas of Return (ROAR)_Sinjar and Surrounding Areas_June 2018 June, 2018
LBY_SituationOverview_RA_Derna_Jun2018 June, 2018
REACH_SYR_Map_HSOS_PriorityNeedsbySector_WoS_March2018 March, 2018
SYR_Factsheet_Menbij Camp Profiling_April 2018 April, 2018
SSD_Situation Overview_Western Bahr el Ghazal_November 2017 December, 2017
RDC_Factsheet_Evaluation EHA et Abris_Province du Kasaï Central_Février 2018 March, 2018
SYR_Situation Overview_Deir-ez-Zor Sub-districts_April 2018 April, 2018
IRQ_Rapid Overview of Areas of Return_Telafar_Situation Overview_April 2018 April, 2018
IRAQ_Methodology Note_Rapid Overview of Areas of Return (ROAR))_April 2018 April, 2018
SSD_Profile_Diel Displacement and Access to Services_March 2018 April, 2018
LBY_MEB_HHExpendituresConsumption_Dec2017 December, 2017
LBY_SituationOverview_RA_Sebha_Mar2018 March, 2018
SYR_Situation Overview_Eastern Ghouta_1-11 March 2018 March, 2018
SSD_Factsheet_Renk Road Monitoring_February 2018 March, 2018
SYR_ToR_NES Area-based assessments_Jan2018 January, 2018
SYR_Situation Overview_Community Profile Update_January2018 January, 2018
SYR_Factsheet_Community Profile Update_Ar Rastan_Talbiseh_Taldu_January2018 January, 2018


REACH is a joint initiative of two international non-governmental organisations, ACTED and IMPACT Initiatives,  and  the  United  Nations Operational  Satellite Applications  Programme (UNOSAT). REACH was created in 2010 to facilitate the development of information  tools and  products that  enhance the  capacity  of aid actors  to make  evidence-based decisions in emergency, recovery and development contexts.

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