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Title Year
JOR_Report_Social Cohesion in Host Communities in Northern Jordan_May 2015 June, 2015
JOR_Report_Comprehensive Child-Focussed Assessment of Zaatari Camp_June 2015 June, 2015
JOR_Report_Jordan Emergency Services and Social Resilience Project Baseline_May 2015 June, 2015
Somalia_FSC_ResponseAnalysis_Dolow_FirstWorkshop_Summary February, 2015
SOM_Report_Response Analysis Dolow Second Workshop_May 2015 May, 2015
SSD_Report_Displacement Trends Analysis_April 2015 May, 2015
IRQ_Report_Multi-Sector Needs Assessment of Syrian Refugees in Camps_March2015 March, 2015
SYR_Report_Market Monitoring_April_Idleb Governorate_2015 April, 2015
SOM_Report_Shelter Response Evaluation Executive Summary_January 2015 January, 2015
SOM_Report_Emergency Shelter Response Evaluation, Mogadishu_January 2015 January, 2015
SOM_Report_Permanent Shelter Response Evaluation, Gaalkacyo_January 2015 January, 2015
SOM_Report_Transitional Shelter Response Evaluation, Bossasso_January 2015 January, 2015
IRQ_Report_Multi-Sector Needs Assessment of the Hosting Communities across the Kurdistan Region of Iraq March, 2015
NER_Rapport_Evaluation Rapide Diffa_Mars 2015 March, 2015
PHL_Report_Philippine Approach to Total Sanitation Baseline_February2015 February, 2015
IRQ_Report_Multi-Sector Needs Assessment of Syrian Refugees Residing in Host Communities_April2015 April, 2015
LBN_Report_Akkar Syrian Refugees Livelihoods Assessment_Dec2014 December, 2014
JOR_Report_Zaatari Camp Population Count_Feb2015 February, 2015
IRQ_Report_Multi-Cluster Needs Assessment of Internally Displaced Persons Outside Camps_February 2015 February, 2015
IRQ_Assessment Report_Entry Point Monitoring September to October 2014 November, 2014
JOR_Report_Azraq Shelter Assessment_January 2015 January, 2015
SSD_report_Ajoung Thok Relocation_Dec2014 December, 2014
PHL_Report_HaiyanTyphoon_WASHClusterBaseline_May2014 May, 2014
JOR_Report_SyriaCrisis_AlZaatariCamp_MarketAssessment_Nov2014 November, 2014
IRQ_Assessment Report_Entry Point Monitoring July to August 2014 July, 2014
SYR_Report_MultiSectorNeedsAssessmentsExecutiveSummary_Oct2014_Arabic November, 2014
JOR_Report_SyriaCrisis_AlZaatariCamp_WinterisationAssessment_Oct2014 November, 2014
SYR_Report_MultiSectorNeedsAssessmentExecutiveSummary_Oct2014_English October, 2014
JOR_Report_SyriaCrisis_AlZaatariCamp_JointEducationNeedsAssessment_Sep2014 September, 2014
SYR_Report_MultiSectorNeedsAssessment_Oct2014_English October, 2014


REACH is a joint initiative of two international non-governmental organisations, ACTED and IMPACT Initiatives,  and  the  United  Nations Operational  Satellite Applications  Programme (UNOSAT). REACH was created in 2010 to facilitate the development of information  tools and  products that  enhance the  capacity  of aid actors  to make  evidence-based decisions in emergency, recovery and development contexts.

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