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Camp coordination and camp management

Title Year
REACH_SSD_Factsheet_Assessment of Hard-to-Reach Areas CCCM_May 2019 June, 2019
SSD_Factsheet_Renk Port and Road Monitoring_May 2019 June, 2019
SSD_Factsheet_Renk_Port and Road Monitoring_March 2019 April, 2019
IRQ_Factsheet_IDP Camp Profile Round XI_February 2019 March, 2019
IRQ_RASP_informal sites assessment report September, 2018
SYR_ToR_ISMI_IDP Situation Monitoring Initiative_2018 June, 2018
IRQ_TOR_Rapid Overview of Areas of Return reviewed version_April2019 April, 2019
ssd_factsheet_port_monitoring_nyal_march_2019 May, 2019
REACH_SSD_Factsheet_Assessment of Hard-to-Reach Areas CCCM_April 2019 April, 2019
SYR_Factsheet_CCCM_ISMI Monthly Displacement Summary_March 2019 March, 2019
SYR_MAP_CCCM_ISMI Monthly Standalone Movement Overview_March 2019 March, 2019
REACH_IRQ_Map_KRI_Reference_08May2019 May, 2019
REACH_IRQ_Map_IRAQ_Reference_Camp-Location_08May2019 May, 2019
SSD_Factsheet_Kapoeta Town Road Monitoring_April 2019 May, 2019
SOM_Factsheet_DSA District Level_January 2019 May, 2019
SYR_Map_Areesheh_Camp_Flooding_Impact_April2019 May, 2019
REACH_IRQ_Map_IDP_Zayona_13Feb2019.pdf May, 2019
REACH_IRQ_Map_IDP_QayyaraJad'ah_13Feb2019.pdf May, 2019
REACH_IRQ_Map_IDP_QayyaraAirstrip_14Feb2019.pdf May, 2019
REACH_IRQ_Map_IDP_MuskarSaadCamp_18March2019.pdf May, 2019
REACH_IRQ_Map_IDP_Laylan2_12Feb2019.pdf May, 2019
REACH_IRQ_Map_IDP_Laylan1_12Feb2019.pdf May, 2019
REACH_IRQ_Map_IDP_KhazerM1_14Feb2019.pdf May, 2019
REACH_IRQ_Map_IDP_Karamah_25Feb2019.pdf May, 2019
REACH_IRQ_Map_IDP_Harshm_10March2019.pdf May, 2019
REACH_IRQ_Map_IDP_HamamAlAlil-2_14Feb2019.pdf May, 2019
REACH_IRQ_Map_IDP_Garmawa_19Feb2019.pdf May, 2019
REACH_IRQ_Map_IDP_Debaga_7March2019.pdf May, 2019
REACH_IRQ_Map_IDP_Dawudiya_24Feb2019.pdf May, 2019
REACH_IRQ_Map_IDP_Chamisku_27Feb2019.pdf May, 2019


REACH is a joint initiative of two international non-governmental organisations, ACTED and IMPACT Initiatives,  and  the  United  Nations Operational  Satellite Applications  Programme (UNOSAT). REACH was created in 2010 to facilitate the development of information  tools and  products that  enhance the  capacity  of aid actors  to make  evidence-based decisions in emergency, recovery and development contexts.

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