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cross-border displacement

Title Year
BGD_Dataset Facility Assessment_Education Needs Assessment_March2019 March, 2019
BGD_Dataset Household Survey_Education Needs Assessment_March2019 March, 2019
BGD_Presentation_Education Needs Assessment_April 2019 April, 2019
BGD_Data Analysis Plan_Education Needs Assessment_February2019 February, 2019
REACH_BGD_ToR_UNICEF_WASH Household Assessment_follow up_May 2019 May, 2019
SSD_Factsheet_Renk Port and Road Monitoring_February 2019 March, 2019
JOR_ToR_WASH_KAP_April2019 April, 2019
SSD_Factsheet_Akobo Port and Road Monitoring_March 2019 April, 2019
NER_Tdrs_Evaluation de la faisabilité du transfert monétaire à Diffa_Avril_2019 April, 2019
SSD_Factsheet_Kapoeta Town Road Monitoring_February 2019 March, 2019
NER_Terms of reference_AGORA Area Based Assessment_June2019 June, 2019
TUN_Report_Tunisia country of destination and transit_October 2018_FR November, 2018
TUN_Report_Tunisia country of emigration and return_December 2018_FR January, 2019
SSD_Factsheet_Akobo Port and Road Monitoring_February 2019 March, 2019
AGORA UGA Arua householdsurvey Avril2018 April, 2018
BGD_Factsheet_MSNA_HC_Ratna_Palong_Union_Dec2018 April, 2019
BGD_Factsheet_MSNA_HC_Raja_Palong_Union_Dec2018 April, 2019
BGD_Factsheet_MSNA_HC_Palong_Khali_Union_Dec2018 April, 2019
BGD_Factsheet_MSNA_HC_Jalia_Palong_Union_Dec2018 April, 2019
BGD_Factsheet_MSNA_HC_Haldia_Palong_Union_Dec2018 April, 2019
BGD_Factsheet_MSNA_HC_Whykong_Union_Dec2018 April, 2019
BGD_Factsheet_MSNA_HC_Teknaf_Sadar_Union_Dec2018 April, 2019
BGD_Factsheet_MSNA_HC_Teknaf_Paurashava_Union_Dec2018 April, 2019
BGD_Factsheet_MSNA_HC_Sabrang_Union_Dec2018 April, 2019
BGD_Factsheet_MSNA_HC_Nhilla_Union_Dec2018 April, 2019
BGD_Factsheet_MSNA_HC_Baharchhara_Union_Dec2018 April, 2019
BGD_Factsheet_MSNA_HC_Ukhia_Upazila_Dec2018 April, 2019
BGD_Factsheet_MSNA_HC_Teknaf_Upazila_Dec2018 April, 2019
BGD_Factsheet_MSNA_HC_Overall_Teknaf_Ukhia_Upazila_Dec2018 April, 2019
KEN_Situation Overview_Dadaab Intentions and Cross-border movement monitoring_February 2019 April, 2019


REACH is a joint initiative of two international non-governmental organisations, ACTED and IMPACT Initiatives,  and  the  United  Nations Operational  Satellite Applications  Programme (UNOSAT). REACH was created in 2010 to facilitate the development of information  tools and  products that  enhance the  capacity  of aid actors  to make  evidence-based decisions in emergency, recovery and development contexts.

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