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Title Year
REACH_IRQ_Map_IDP_AsSalamiyah_1_Overview_11June2017 June, 2017
SYR_Map_Mabruka_May 2017_AR June, 2017
SYR_Map_Mabruka_21 May 2017 June, 2017
NER_Presentation_Evaluation Initiale Abris et Biens Non Alimentaires à Diffa, Résultats finaux_Juin 2017 July, 2017
NER_Map_Kablewa camp - Etat bornes fontaines, juillet 2017 July, 2017
IRQ_Map_Hamdaniya_Reference_24Jul2017 July, 2017
NER_TdR_Carto Infras_Juillet 2017_V1.docx July, 2017
RDC_map_Localites_Equateur_mars2017 March, 2017
RDC_map_Nduma_Infrastructures_mars2017 March, 2017
RDC_map_Wenze_Infrastructures_mars2017 March, 2017
RDC_map_Zongo_Infrastructures_mars2017 March, 2017
UKR_Map_East Ukraine_Number Of Registered IDPs_18JUL2017_A4 July, 2017
UKR_Map_East Ukraine_Proportion Of Registered IDPs_18JUL2017_A4 July, 2017
UKR_Map_East Ukraine_Change Of Registered IDPs_18JUL2017_A4 July, 2017
JOR_Report_UN Women_Women's Access to Basic Services in Irbid and Zarqa Governorates_August 2016 September, 2016
YEM_Situation Overview_Access to Improved Water Sources_July 2017 July, 2017
NER_Map_Emplacement des localités d'origine de déplacés ia nternes par rapport à la Komadougou Yobé, juillet 2017 July, 2017
IRQ_Map_IDP_Alwand1_Overview_29May2017 July, 2017
IRQ_Map_IDP_QayyaraJad'ah_Overview_01June2017 July, 2017
IRQ_Map_IDP_QayyaraAirstrip_Overview_01June2017 July, 2017
IRQ_Map_IDP_Ashti_Overview_28May2017 July, 2017
IRQ_Map_IDP_ArbatIDP_Overview_28May2017 July, 2017
IRQ_Map_IDP_Shootingcamp_Overview_5Jun2017 July, 2017
IRQ_Map_IDP_ScoutCamp_Overview_11Jun2017 July, 2017
IRQ_Map_IDP_NabiYounis_Overview_5Jun2017 July, 2017
IRQ_Map_IDP_Kilo18_Overview_11Jun2017 July, 2017
IRQ_Map_IDP_KerbalaMODM_Overview_5Jun2017 July, 2017
IRQ_Map_IDP_Habbaniya-Tourist-City-Camp_Overview_5Jun2017 July, 2017
IRQ_Map_IDP_Eyesofmissan_Overview_5Jun2017 July, 2017
IRQ_Map_IDP_BezabizeCentralCamp_Overview_5Jun2017 July, 2017


REACH is a joint initiative of two international non-governmental organisations, ACTED and IMPACT Initiatives,  and  the  United  Nations Operational  Satellite Applications  Programme (UNOSAT). REACH was created in 2010 to facilitate the development of information  tools and  products that  enhance the  capacity  of aid actors  to make  evidence-based decisions in emergency, recovery and development contexts.

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