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Situation Overview

Title Year
SYR_Situation Overview_Raqqa City_ABA_March 2019 March, 2019
SSD_Situation Overview_Upper Nile_October-December 2018 March, 2019
YEM_JMMI_Situation Overview_February2019 February, 2019
REACH_SYR_Situation_Overview_Deir_ez_Zor_February 2019 February, 2019
LBY_Situation_Overview_Joint Market Monitoring Initiative (JMMI)_February 2019 February, 2019
IRQ_Situation Overview_SIRA Shirqat_November 2018 February, 2019
YEM_Situation Overview_Joint Market Monitoring Initiative (JMMI)_January2019 January, 2019
IMPACT Libya: Mixed migration routes and dynamics in Libya, May - December 2018 January, 2019
BRA_Situation Overview_Manaus_November 2018_EN February, 2019
BRA_Situation Overview_Manaus_November 2018_PT February, 2019
UKR_Situation Overview_CVA2 Marinka Raion_July August 2018 July, 2018
YEM_Comparative overview_CCCM IDP Hosting site profiles_All 20 governorates_2017-2018 July, 2018
LBY_Situation Overview_Refugees and migrants' access to food, WASH, shelter and assistance in Libya_November 2018 December, 2018
SSD_Situation Overview_Western Equatoria_July-September_2018 October, 2018
UKR_Situation Overview_CVA2 Bakhmut_July August 2018 August, 2018
UKR_Situation Overview_CVA Popasna_July August 2018 August, 2018
SYR_Situation Overview_Market Monitoring Exercise NE_December 2018 January, 2019
SYR_Situation Overview_Market Monitoring Exercise NW_December 2018 January, 2019
LBY_Situation_overview_Joint Market Monitoring Initiative (JMMI)_January 2019 January, 2019
YEM_Situation Overview_JMMI_December2018 December, 2018
YEM_Situation Overview_CCCM IDP Hosting Sites_July 2018 July, 2018
KEN_Situation Overview_Dadaab Cross-border monitoring_November 2018 January, 2019
REACH_SSD_Situation Overview_Greater Bahr el Ghazal_July to September 2018 January, 2019
LBY_Factsheet_Joint Market Monitoring Initiative(JMMI)_December 2018 December, 2018
SYR_Situation Overview_Market Monitoring Exercise NW_November 2018 December, 2018
SYR_Situation Overview_Market Monitoring Exercise NE_November 2018 December, 2018
REACH_YEM_JMMI_Situation Overview_November2018 November, 2018
SSD_Situation Overview_Unity State_Q3_July_Sept_2018 October, 2018
SSD_Situation Overview_Upper Nile_July-September 2018 November, 2018
SSD_Situation Overview_Central and Eastern Equatoria_July to September 2018 December, 2018


REACH is a joint initiative of two international non-governmental organisations, ACTED and IMPACT Initiatives,  and  the  United  Nations Operational  Satellite Applications  Programme (UNOSAT). REACH was created in 2010 to facilitate the development of information  tools and  products that  enhance the  capacity  of aid actors  to make  evidence-based decisions in emergency, recovery and development contexts.

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